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    I purchased the tweak followed the steps bam working fine a few weeks later it just stop working the menu is stuck on the far left of the screen and when u get a chance to click it just shuts my Lock screen off I tried reinstalling re following the steps nothing works all I have is the wallpaper any help???



    I can vouch for this. Just bought this for LockHTML4 and it worked for a couple hours, now Lock+ for lockHTML is no longer working. Swiping for the right doesn’t give me the menu and the only thing left behind was the wallpaper from the theme I downloaded.



    I am having a similar issue with the screen shutting off., I click the home button/sleep button to turn on the lockscreen, but the screen flashes on only briefly then the phone locks again. I wouldn’t have been able to unlock my device if I didn’t have an activator action using the home button to do so. I have lock + for HTML installed. I am using an iPhone 5 on iOS 8.4.1… maybe this is the issue?



    It’s gotta be on their end. I haven’t changed a single setting or installed anything during the time it stopped working. I have reinstalled everything to no avail. iOS 9.0.2



    I actually solved this! Turns out something set manual coordinates for LockPlus in LockHTML4. So I went into LockHTML4 in settings, went to Advanced -> Set Widget Coordinates -> Y = 0 and X = 0 and everything worked again. Not sure what changed this, but ya.



    I went ahead and did what you suggested, setting the X and Y coordinates to 0. I even turned on the “Disable Edit Mode” option so that I don’t screw it up in the future. I was then messing with some of the other settings and found that my specific issue (screen locking immediately after trying to wake up the phone) was solved by turning off the “Custom LS Timeout” under Misc Settings! Lock + works perfectly now for me! Thanks for the help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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